So, now that freshers’ week is over and our first meeting has been held, we feel like we’ve been pretty successful so far. Over 100 people signed up to our mailing list at the freshers’ fair, which was much more than we expected. Of course we expect most of them won’t come to the meeting or events, but anything that helps spread word of who we are is brilliant!

The first meeting was packed full of people. We had to get more chairs to accommodate the people arriving, and even then six of us had to stand! We had two speakers, one speaking about the charity as a whole, and the other telling us about Save the Children’s “Ultimate Dance Challenge”. After that, we had a nice chat the new members, with everyone introducing themselves, and Gemma telling us all about our society and how it’s worked so far.

There were 3 main things to take away from yesterday’s meetings:

  • We all voted on meeting times, and decided that our meetings would take place from 5:30-7:00 from now on (in the same room as usual, committee room 3).
  • We have a bake sale on Friday (28/9/12), which we would like everyone to bake cakes for, and help out with if they can.
  • Next week’s meeting will be a discussion on where we plan to go for the rest of the year – what events we want to hold, where we want the money we raised to go, etc. Everyone’s contributions will be just as important as the committee’s, so feel free to speak up!

See you all next week!


Our Second Year

At last! The summer is over! We can all get back to attending all our lectures and writing essays the day they’re set! But what does this mean for GU StC?

Well first of all, we’ve buffed up this website a bit, and set up a twitter to keep you up to date on what we’re up to. It’s not much, but we intend to build on it in the coming year.

Secondly, we’ve got a stall in Bute Hall for the Freshers’ Fair. Come by any time between 10am and 5pm on Tuesday or Wednesday of Freshers’ Week and say hi! We’ll have lots of leaflets, a sign-up sheet for our mailing list, and most importantly, cake.

Lastly, our first meeting of the year will take place at 6pm on the 20th of September, in committee room 3 of the QM. We’ll have two speakers, a quiz with a prize for the winning team, and also a vote on when regular meetings should be held in future. Come along and show your support!

Pub Quiz

Towards the end of the year, we hosted our second big event; a pub quiz with a twist! The twist in question was that we had games for the quiz contestants to take part in to earn extra points between rounds. We also had a raffle at the end of the night to try to raise a little extra money.

Although the turnout wasn’t as high as we expected, those that were there still had a lot of fun. The exact amount we made is unknown, but it’s somewhere in the range of £50. Better than nothing, and not bad for our first quiz!


On Wednesday the 16th November 2011, Glasgow University Save the Children Society held a ceilidh in the Queen Margaret Union.  This involved a lot of dancing, singing and alcohol! By the end of the night, we had made £730 – both from ticket sales and the raffle. Everyone in attendance had a fantastic night.

We would like to thank the brilliant band for keeping us going with their tunes, as well as the many local businesses who donated raffle prizes, we very much appreciate the help. It was a great night, with a great amount of money raised. Thankyou everyone!

1st Save the Children event

This is the Save the Children’s society’s first year at Glasgow University. Out first event for our new committee was the classic bake sale. A bake sale is seemingly simple, easy way to raise money but for us it was challenge.
Everyone made the effort to contribute baking and although some had no previous experience, coordination or common sense (or was this just me?) we still had masses of baking to stock up our stalls.
Despite some initial setbacks positioning our stall and the windy weather we soldiered on selling anywhere and everywhere we could. Being smart wee cookies with yummy wee cookies we made an amazing £300 and finished tired, worn out but successful.